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Mina.NET is a simple yet full-featured network application framework which provides:
  • Unified API for various transport types:
    • TCP/IP & UDP/IP via .NET asynchronous socket
    • Serial communication (RS232)
    • Loopback (in-application pipe) communication
    • You can implement your own!
  • Filter interface as an extension point
  • Low-level and high-level API:
    • Low-level: uses IoBuffers
    • High-level: uses user-defined message objects and codecs
  • Highly customizable thread model:
    • Single thread
    • One thread pool
    • More than one thread pools
  • Out-of-the-box SSL · TLS
  • Overload shielding & traffic throttling
  • Unit testability using mock objects
  • Stream-based I/O support via StreamIoHandler

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